Businesses Upgrade Facilities by Leveraging Investor Capital

Businesses Upgrade Facilities by Leveraging Investor Capital

In business, there are many variables that can change the energy savings equation: energy rates, budgets, cash on hand, credit lines, competition, employee turnover, taxes, and stock prices to name a few. It’s a complex market so to help simplify, here’s an example from everyday life.

You’re on a fixed income and your car gets 20 mpg. Your round trip to and from work is 40 miles. Gas is $3.00 gallon so you’re spending $6.00 each day or $1,560 per year. Your coworker’s car gets 40 mpg and he spends only $780 a year in fuel. If it only cost $1,560 to upgrade to the more efficient car it’s going to take 2 years to break even.

Buying a new car seems like an easy decision, doesn’t it?  But the truth is maybe you have only $500 in the bank and you have other household expenses, or maybe the cost of fuel is going down, or you get transferred to closer work location or maybe the 40-mpg is too small for your family or it may even be that your coworker was stretching the truth and the car only gets 30 mpg. All of these variables add up to a high risk if you spend your money.

The good news is there are programs available – like ours at Current Investors–  that don’t require you to risk any of your own money or take on debt.

These programs allow you to invest in other critical business needs. And best of all, you get a percentage of the return. It’s like earning returns from somebody else’s money.

It’s a new way for businesses to upgrade their facilities and enjoy energy savings at no cost.