Case Study: Mother’s Market & Kitchen


Since it was founded in 1978, Mother’s Market & Kitchen has been dedicated to benefiting its communities through natural, high-quality produce options. Seeking to broaden their positive impact, Mother’s partnered with Current Investors in early 2016 to create a plan that would optimize energy conservation and, in turn, decrease harm to the environment.

“Our goal was to implement a plan that would not only enhance efficiency for our stores, but really benefit the communities we serve and our footprint on the environment,” said Steven Prendergast, Chief Operating Officer of Mother’s Market & Kitchen.


After identifying the best areas for enhancement, Current Investors began implementing a series of upgrades to store and warehouse technologies that would help save more energy. This included converting all fluorescent lighting to LEDs, shifting to ECM motors for refrigeration, modifying refrigeration and HVAC controls programming to limit energy expenditure, and more.


The completed energy efficiency enhancements, achieved an initial energy savings of 115,520 kWh per month. According to EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies, this equates to 144 homes worth of electricity, demonstrating an impressive commitment from Mother’s to increase environmental sustainability in their business practices.

All energy upgrades were completed in six stores by October 2016. Current Investors has led all implementation, assessments, validation and monitoring of these initiatives, and anticipates a total annual savings of 1.2 million to 1.5 million kWh.