What kind of company is Current Investors?

Current Investors is the DBA name for the investment arm of LCTA Group, LLC, a Texas registered business.

What is my company’s financial liability for the shared savings plan?

Zero out-of-pocket and guaranteed percentage of net savings as realized.


Current Investors will provide new technologies that improve efficiencies by typically 50-75%. The actual savings will be shared between the Client and Current Investors resulting in a net reduction of energy and lower cost for technologies enhanced.

Do we get savings from day one?

Yes! Savings will be realized on the first energy bill post implementation. After a short term you will gain 100% of the savings.

What kind of ROI should we expect?

Infinite! There is no investment on your part, only savings.

How long is the commitment?

That depends on your current technologies, future technologies, cost for energy, tenant obligations, etc. Our typical agreement ranges from 3 to 5 years.


Short-term commitments allow for access to future technologies. Long-term commitments actually trap the client into technologies that may not be sustainable in the future.

Does Current Investors receive commissions from suppliers?

No. Current Investors will never receive commissions, nor pay commissions to suppliers.

Suppliers that promote Current Investors are subject to the same validation and contracting requirements as any other supplier.

How can Current Investors help with properties we don’t own?

First let us consider the term left on the lease. If the term is greater than the shared savings term or you’re willing to extend the lease, then the opportunity is simple.

Building owners are interested in improving your experience with their property – especially when it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Does Current Investors make a profit?

Yes! Without a fair profit we would not be able to expand our offering to your other sites and/or other businesses.

How are improvements validated?

Every enhancement is tracked and validated through sub-meters at a circuit level. The meter data will be available to both client and Current Investors in a live environment. This data tracking not only can provide validation of actual savings, it can also contribute to LEED and Energy Star certifications.

Rebates & Incentives?

Generally, Current Investors share any incentives with the client. All documentation will be prepared on your behalf.