Current Investors Announces 12-Month Results for TAWA Supermarkets, Inc.

Current Investors Announces 12-Month Results for TAWA Supermarkets, Inc.

Current Investors, formerly LCTA Group, LLC, today announced 12- month results for supermarket clients in California and Nevada. Three TAWA Supermarkets, Inc. locations totaling 89,400 sq. ft. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and San Gabriel, CA. all showed positive results, with more than $144,000 in energy savings and rebates in just one year.

In March 2016, Current Investors implemented upgraded technologies such as lighting, motors, anti-sweat controls, refrigeration and HVAC controls, variable frequency drives and night curtains for open cases.

In March 2017, the twelve-month post results included 18.8% kWh in validated sub-metered savings for the implemented technologies. The cumulative effect on bills from energy providers, Southern California Edison and Nevada Energy, for the same post period, resulted in 619,611 kWh – more than $130,000 annual savings. These savings are attributed to both enhancements of store technologies and rate effects. In addition to the savings, Current Investors processed shared rebates totaling greater than $14,000.

According to the calculator from, the efficiencies will also reduce Green House gas by 504 metric tons or the equivalent of 537,764 pounds of coal burn.

Since 2014, Current Investors has assessed and monitored TAWA Supermarkets and distribution centers in CA, TX, NV and WA. Stores were already at an efficiency level based on variables such as operations, energy rates, and efficiencies of technologies. Current Investors internally monitors the variables that would drive the decision to invest in upgrading the efficiency of a specific technology or the entire building.

Having invested more than $250 thousand, Current Investors stands behind its energy efficiency model and offers all of its clients $0 out of pocket, $0 debt and a shared percentage of the results.

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